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By Jill Fratianne on January 17, 2020

The Most Offensively Unedited Post You Will Ever Read

I have debated over writing this post for many years and am finding myself editing even this first sentance. I am severly dislexic. I can't even spell the word after 38 years of living with it. My goal is to give the OCD editors a glimpse into what it feels like to live with what my barin sees. The post may not make sence, but it's how my brain sees letter and words.

THere are a number of books to get over what I suffer from, and I still plan to overscome this - but the reality i can't see letters in my head. I can reciete bethoven symphonies by ear, see colors in my mind for many years after seeing them and match them to paint swatches, but I can't see words, letters, music notes, adn for the life of me I can't remember how to spell sometimes even the simpliste of words.

My fear of grammar and spelling has held me back for many years. There were people close to me in life that told me I woudln't be able to be successful in business if my spelling was so poor. I rarely go a week wihtough someone correcting an email I send adn me feeling horribly embarrased. I once gave a group presentation of 25 of the most crafted slides to a very demanding financial group and one of the partners called out a missspelled work in a title of the slide and proclamed " THIS IS WHY I DON"T DO BUSINESS WITH PEOPLE BECAUSE THEY DON"T CHECK THEIR WORK." I was mortified, horrified, but was able to make a light of the situation in a very ( now I that I give myself creidit) professional way and asked for their forgiveness I had finished the presentation at 2am and it was no way a reflection of my company.

This post is for all the dyslecics outthere, publish the blog, send the email, don't be afraid - there may be a mistake. But if the value of your content is real, authentic, and YOU maybe it will help someone someday. Are editing mistakes horrible in commercial print? Yes.. yes they are. Can they be avoided? Yes.. yes they can. We hire editors, we have people proof our work, but if they miss is someone like myself is SURELY not going to be able to know.

Be Kind to the person that maybe mispelled your name or your company name or the peroson who sent out a mass email... it just means a human not a robot is on the other end.

I tried as much as I could to not back space and correct my mistakes ( still did out of habit) but I am not w going to reread this and make it better... this is how my brain sees things.



Jill Fratianne


Published by Jill Fratianne January 17, 2020
Jill Fratianne