Jill Fratianne
By Jill Fratianne on December 31, 2019

How I Hit #1 in HubSpot Sales and What's Next

The Irony of this post is quite remarkable. I originally wrote it when I was still pregnant and #1 on almost every HubSpot sales chart and heading off for a planned C-Section.  It's been in draft mode ever since.  I wrote this 3 years ago and never finished or published it because... enter in early motherhood.  I also decided to leave the title for increased irony. This last 3 year journey has had more rollercoasters than I ever dreamed possible. In the last two years at times I couldn't have been further from #1 and had to slowly change all of my life habits to get to a place where I hope to welcome another top performing year professionally but more importantly personally as a human being.  I thought it only fitting as today ends the completion of a decade at HubSpot ( December 31st, 2019), I publish a blog. Finding this one in draft was serendipitous. 

After reading this short list of To Do's, there's actually not much I would change 3 years later. They are a good reminder for what this upcoming year can bring.

What's also ironic is what I wrote was next.  I said these things to myself many times to keep myself going over the last 3 years. Onto 2020! 


8 Things I Reminded Myself  to Hit #1 in HubSpot Sales 3 years ago and what to think next ....

1. Mind Your Health


2. Take no BS - prioritize your time

3. Continually Find New Ways to Organize

4. Do the Right Thing (always) 

5. Care About Your Prospects Goals So Much you Won't Let Them Make a Bad Decision For their Business

6. Know Your Product inside and out

7. Collaborate to win

8. Remain Humble


What's Next:

1. Keep Going

2. Don't get over confident

3. Stay Positive

4. Celebrate the success of others 

5. Understand winning isn't always a number, celebrate the small wins

6. Continue to Self Reflect


I hope to post more of my journey as a working sales mom to help other parents navigate the ups and downs you can't really prepare yourself for until you are there. 

Published by Jill Fratianne December 31, 2019
Jill Fratianne