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    The Most Offensively Unedited Post You Will Ever Read

    I have debated over writing this post for many years and am finding myself editing even this first sentance. I am severly dislexic. I can't even spell the word after 38 years of living with it. My goal is to give the OCD editors a glimpse into what it feels like to live with what my barin sees. The post may not make sence, but it's how my brain sees letter and words.

    THere are a number of books to get over what I suffer from, and I still plan to overscome this - but the reality i can't see letters in my head. I can reciete bethoven symphonies by ear, see colors in my mind for many years after seeing them and match them to paint swatches, but I can't see words, letters, music notes, adn for the life of me I can't remember how to spell sometimes even the simpliste of words.

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    How I Hit #1 in HubSpot Sales and What's Next

    The Irony of this post is quite remarkable. I originally wrote it when I was still pregnant and #1 on almost every HubSpot sales chart and heading off for a planned C-Section.  It's been in draft mode ever since.  I wrote this 3 years ago and never finished or published it because... enter in early motherhood.  I also decided to leave the title for increased irony. This last 3 year journey has had more rollercoasters than I ever dreamed possible. In the last two years at times I couldn't have been further from #1 and had to slowly change all of my life habits to get to a place where I hope to welcome another top performing year professionally but more importantly personally as a human being.  I thought it only fitting as today ends the completion of a decade at HubSpot ( December 31st, 2019), I publish a blog. Finding this one in draft was serendipitous. 

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    One Year After My HubSpot Sabbatical

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